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Twisted - Wheeled Bobbies 3 pack (Metal)

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Metal Gamers Edition

MODULAR: Metal Edition Bobby arms, torsos and wheels are separate and interchangeable, so you can make a variety of poses!

The Wheeled Bobbies are small Gentlefolk constructs who police the dark alleys and lanes of London where the human Peelers are reluctant to patrol.

Bobbies operate with very little independence, programmed to run a set beat, and given strict parameters for arrest. They are nonetheless an effective forcekeeping the local criminal fraternity to a minimum of arrest-free activity whilst not endangering the lives of the more highly skilled Peelers.

When civil unrest brews or the local gangs start fighting in the streets the Riot Bobbies are deployed. Similar in almost all respects to normal Bobbies, these fellows carry stout shields with which to better protect themselves.

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