Twisted - Twisted Rulebook Box

  • £24.99

The Twisted Rulebook Box contains all the base rules, card decks and counters/templates necessary to play Twisted, as well as an exciting 10-mission narrative campaign designed to teach you how to play.
The beautiful Twisted Hardcover Rulebook is filled with evocative background fiction and beautiful artwork detailing the world and Characters who inhabit it. It also has a special binding which allows the open book to be laid flat on the tabletop as you play!

150 page Twisted Hardcover Rulebook

44 Eye of The Engine Cards

40 Alchemantic Invocation Cards

20 Tarot of Taxing Tasks Cards

5 Pass Cards & 4 Mission Character Cards

3 sheets of counters and templates

2 quick reference play sheets

2 sets of 7 dice

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