The Chill of Twilight 2-Player Ambush Starter Set

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The Twilight Kin have deliberately cast aside the morality and compassion that endowed Elvenholme with much of its grandeur at the height of the kingdom’s power. In their ruthless drive to restore the glories of the past, the Twilight Kin have shed the very essence of that past and become a sinister menace in the world of Pannithor.

Despite their rougher appearance, the elves known as Ice Kin are every bit as graceful and swift as those of other kindreds. With sharp blades and sharper senses, they fight to protect their newfound home, their winter attire doing little to stymie their elven celerity. Under threat of invasion and unwilling to join their Imperial cousins, dwarfen outcasts are drawn to Chill, braving the harsh frozen wastes to reach sanctuary.

This fantastic Ambush starter set is the perfect way for two players to begin their Kings of War adventure – pitting the malevolent Twilight Kin against the hardy Northern Alliance.

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