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Umbra Turris - Haunted Moor

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Haunted Moor is a unique supplement for Umbra Turris Skirmish Game with 4 new cards (2 Item Cards and 2 Terrain Cards), 5 resin miniatures of Undead Villagers, and a story of a sinister and mysterious place known as Mossrel Village. Thanks to this supplement, you will grow your Item Deck and Terrain Deck, as well as the Umbra Turris miniatures collection. And of course, your skirmishes will be even more exciting!

5 Resin miniatures of Undead Villagers
2 Item Cards - Freshly Sharpened Blade, Nostroval Torch
2 Terrain Cards - Cursed Village, Fields of Morten
A story of Mossrel Village

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