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Twisted - Gretel (Resin)

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Resin Collectors Edition

Bringing light to the darkness of London and healing the sick and wounded, Nightingale has been called by The Engine to help keep its Servants alive in the chaos of battle. She brings a glimmer of light into the dark and dank streets of London, healing the wounded and helping those in dire need.

Nightingale is an Alchemancer of some note and her wings allow her to flit from balcony to terrace, escaping the swirl of intense combat and lending her healing hand to aid the other Servants and bolster their abilities. She is determined to see Launcelot freed from his thrall, but first must discover the best means to do so.

Nightingale is a 32mm miniature sculpted by Patrick Masson.

Miniatures come with Character and Activation cards for playing Twisted!

Multi-part miniatures, sold unpainted and require assembly.

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