Geek Gaming - Foam Scatter - Mid Green

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  • Foam Scatter - Mid Green is a premium blend of foam scatter that is perfect for creating a variety of realistic effects, such as:

    • Mature forests and woodlands
    • Established meadows and fields
    • Bushes and shrubs in full bloom
    • Other landscapes with a mid green colour palette

    Foam Scatter - Mid Green is made from a special blend of foam that is finer than sawdust and absorbs adhesives and glues far better. This makes it easy to apply to a variety of surfaces and creates a longer lasting and more durable finish.

    Foam Scatter - Mid Green is also colour fast, so it won't bleed colour and will retain its original colour once adhesives have dried. This makes it ideal for use in a variety of scale modelling applications, such as railway modelling, miniature wargaming, and diorama building.

    Example uses:

    • Create a mature forest for your railway model.
    • Add established meadows and fields with a variety of mid green foliage to your miniature wargaming terrain.
    • Create a hedgerow or scrubland scene with bushes and shrubs in full bloom for your diorama.
    • Add detail to the bases of your miniature figurines with a variety of mid green foliage.

    No matter what your project is, Foam Scatter - Mid Green is a great way to add realistic detail and realism to your scale modelling scenes.

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