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Geek Gaming - Cork - Boulders

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  • Cork Boulders are a realistic-looking miniature terrain material that is perfect for creating rugged, rocky landscapes. They are made from natural cork, which has a unique texture and colour that is perfect for representing boulders, rocks, and other rocky features.

    Cork Boulders are ideal for use in railway modelling, miniature wargaming, and other scale modelling applications. They can be used to create a variety of effects, such as:

    • Mountainous terrain
    • Rocky outcrops
    • Cave entrances
    • Ruined structures
    • Other rocky environments

    Cork Boulders are easy to use and can be glued to a variety of surfaces, such as foam, cardboard, and wood. They can also be painted to create different effects, such as different types of rocks or even mossy or weathered surfaces.

    Example Uses:

    • Create a mountain range for your railway model.
    • Create a rocky outcrop for your miniature wargaming terrain.
    • Add cork boulders to your cave entrance scene.
    • Create a ruined castle scene for your model diorama, complete with cork boulders for the walls and towers.
    • Add detail to your model bases, such as the bases of your miniature figurines.

    No matter what your project is, Cork Boulders are a great way to add realistic detail and realism to your scale modelling scenes of rocky, rugged environments.

    Please note - Although we take high resolution pictures and keep the images as raw as possible, colours may vary slightly as different settings in computers and monitors make it difficult to show the exact colours.

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