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Colour Forge Matt Varnish Spray (500ml) IN STORE ONLY or CLICK AND COLLECT

  • £10.00


Our Matt Varnish spray does exactly what it says on the tin, only better.

This high-quality product has been tested over satin varnish, gloss varnish, and paint; the results are simply astounding.

If you want a matt finish for your varnish then you won’t be disappointed.

Presented in a 500ml rattle can (25% more than other brands on the market!).


For the best results:

1. Shake the can thoroughly for 5 minutes.

2. Pour warm water over the body of the can to bring it up to room temperature.

3. Repeat until all paint is warmed through.

4. Hold spray 12 inches from the model and use short passes over the uncovered areas until the model is covered.

5. After use, rotate the can so it is upside down and spray until clear, this reduced the chance of nozzle blockages.

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