The Star Wars: Shatterpoint Initiation League 1/2/3

The Star Wars: Shatterpoint Initiation League 1/2/3

  • £15.00

The June 2 release of Star Wars™: Shatterpoint is rapidly approaching and today we’re happy to announce a way for players to join the community and learn the game at local hobby game stores: The Star Wars: Shatterpoint Initiation Kit!

The Initiation Kit supports up to 8 players as they learn the fundamentals of Star Wars: Shatterpoint over the course of three sessions. Each session players play a different Mission designed to familiarize them with gameplay concepts and mechanics, ultimately culminating in a full game of Star Wars: Shatterpoint at the final session.

Every player who participates will receive a set of the mission cards to keep that they can use to help teach the game to new players. Additionally, as a reward for participating, each player will also receive a foil order card for the four Primary characters included in the Core Set: Ahsoka Tano, Jedi No More™; General Anakin Skywalker™; Asajj Ventress, Sith Assassin™; and Lord Maul™.

In addition to the Initiation Kit, the Star Wars: Shatterpoint Retail Event Support Kit provides more opportunities to build your Shatterpoint community from the start. This kit contains an 18”x24” Shatterpoint poster to promote the game in your store as well as 16 foil Shatterpoint order cards that can be given to players as promotional items to welcome them to the game.

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