Walkways & Stairs

  • £49.99

Featuring a wide range of walkways, stairways and variable height supports, this set of sci-fi / industrial walkways allows you to create a sprawling network of walkways or simple attachments to other buildings.

This set is fully compatible with our other scenery and terrain. We have many other options to expand this set by adding platforms, landing pads, turrets and more!

This set includes:

1 Standard Height Stairs
1 Short Stairs
2 Standard Height Supports
4 Extended Height Supports
3 Walkways
1 Intersecting Walkway (cross)
1 Walkway Rail Cap
2 Height Extender / Fillers

Photo 1 Shows what comes in this set, Photo 2 shows how you can combine it with other sets in the range but not included in this sale

    This 3D printed set is designed for 28 - 32mm miniatures but also works scaled down to 15mm.  It is compatible with games such as Warhammer 40,000, Infinity, Kill Team, Star Wars Legion, Necromunda, Fallout Wasteland, etc. 

    (3D Printed on Demand in quality Grey PLA+)


    Printed under license from Saucermen Studios

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