Heat Transfer System

  • £19.99

The heat transfer system is a core component in off word terraforming or factory heat management.  The large structure features pipes, vents and panels.

It is designed as part of our Ordus Station terrain set.

This set includes:

1 Heat Transfer System

Photo 1 shows Item

Photo 2 & 3 shows how you can combine this item

with others in the range not included with this one

This 3D printed set is designed for 28 - 32mm miniatures but also works scaled down to 15mm.  It is compatible with games such as Warhammer 40,000, Infinity, Kill Team, Star Wars Legion, Necromunda, Fallout Wasteland, etc. 

(3D Printed on Demand in quality Grey PLA+)


Printed under license from Saucermen Studios

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